WiA has many commands and shortcut keys at your disposal. Every command is preceded with a "/" forward slash. Below is a list of every command and shortcut.

Please note that you do not have to type "<" and ">" around the command variable.

Commands listed in RED have been completely removed from the game.

General CommandsEdit

/tell or /t <NAME> <MESSAGE> Sends a private message to another player.
/ooc <MESSAGE> Broadcasts a normal out of character message to all connected players.
/trade <MESSAGE> Broadcasts a message used for trading to all connected players.
/emote or /e or /me <MESSAGE> Shows an action of your character through the message box.
IE - * Sexy Talonz is very tired from all this walking.
/respawn Respawns your dead character to the last touched obelisk.
/rest Rests your character to regain HP, MP, and/or SP.
/afk <REASON> Sets your character to "Away From Keyboard" status. A reason is optional.
/getafk <NAME> Retrieves a player's reason for being AFK.
/getquests Displays the list of quests you have completed.
/finger <NAME> Reveals information about a player such as their level, email address, etc. It also displays any associates (other characters) related to that particular player.
/pklist Lists all players that you have commited a crime against.
/lock level or email or position or stats Hides your level, email address, position, or statistics from other players.
/unlock level or email or position or stats Reveals your level, email address, position, or statistics to other players.
/rebirth <DEITY> <COLOR> This command will change your character's deity and soul color, but you are only allowed to use it once. In order to use it you must leave any fellowship you may have joined and you must unequip all your items. You will lose all of the skills you've gained, but you can regain them again at a later time. It also allows you to redistribute your attribute points without losing any experience.

DEITY VALUES: 0 = Gifted, 1 = Shining

COLOR VALUES: 0 = White, 1 = Red, 2 = Green, 3 = Blue, 4 = Yellow

/attr <STAT> <AMOUNT> Used to easily spend attribute points (mulitple, if desired) to your stats. Stat values are STR, CON, AGI, INT, and FTH.
/friend <NAME> <0/1>

Used to easily add or remove people from your friends list. 0 = remove, and 1 = add.

/ignore <NAME> <0/1> Used to easily add or remove people from your ignore list. 0 = remove, and 1 = add.

Fellowship CommandsEdit

/f or /fellowship <MESSAGE> Sends a message to the fellowship.
/fcreate <FELLOWSHIPNAME> Creates a new fellowship.
/fjoin <FELLOWSHIPNAME> Joins an existing fellowship.
/fleave Leaves a fellowship.

Guild CommandsEdit

[Editor's Note: While Guilds were never officially created in WiA, the guild commands were all of the commands used to create/chat/disband clans. -PT]

/g <MESSAGE> Sends a message to the guild.
/gcreate <GUILDNAME> <GUILDTAG> <COLOR> Creates a new guild, where the guildname is your new guild's name, guild tag is your guild's identification placed next to your character name, and color is the color of that tag. The guildtag can contain up to 4 characters in length.

1 = Red, 2 = Green, 3 = Yellow, 4 = Blue, 5 = Purple, 6 = Cyan, 7 = White,
8 = Orange, 9 = Gray

/gjoin <GUILDNAME> Joins a guild's pending list.
/gleave Leaves a guild or a guild's pending list.
/gtag <GUILDTAG> Displays the name of the guild.
/glist <GUILDNAME> Lists all members of a guild.
/gpending Lists all pending characters in the guild you own.
/ginvite <PLAYERNAME> Invites a pending character to become a member of your guild.
/gkick <PLAYERNAME> Removes a member from your guild.
/gpromote <PLAYERNAME> Promotes a member of your guild to "leader" status.
/gdlist Lists your current clan's diplomacy to the other clans.
/gdiplomacy <CLAN> <0/1/2> Changes your clan's diplomacy towards another clan. 0 = ally, 1 = neutral, and 2 = hostile. This command costs 5sc and only clan leaders have the ability to use it.


F1 Displays the Help menu.
F2 Displays the Character menu.
F3 Displays the Inventory menu.
F4 Displays the Skills menu.
F5 Displays the Quests menu.
F6 Displays the Maps menu.
F7 Displays the Options menu.
F8 Displays the People menu.
F9 Displays the Fellowship menu.
F10 Displays the Guild menu.
F12 Takes a screenshot.
ESC Quits the game.
Tab Displays the active skill list.
CTRL + 1, 2, or 3 Switches between the active skill lists.
CTRL + U Use / Open
CTRL + P Pick Up
CTRL + E Enter
CTRL + A Attack Target
CTRL + S Uses an actively selected spell or skill
CTRL + F Follow Target
CTRL + T Trade with Target
CTRL + R Rest
Numpad 1 Move Southwest
Numpad 2 Move South
Numpad 3 Move Southeast
Numpad 4 Move West
Numpad 5 Stop
Numpad 6 Move East
Numpad 7 Move Northwest
Numpad 8 Move North
Numpad 9 Move Northeast