Listed below are all of the available NPCs in Akarra. Please note that the coordinates may not be accurate if the NPC doesn't remain in one spot.

NPC TableEdit


Alera the Herbalist

X: 886

Y: 7045

Alera sells healing products such as healing, stamina, and antidote potions.

Arno Windsphere

X: 1083

Y: 7339

Cecilia Lifebringer

X: ????

Y: ????

Cecilia creates accounts for all people who wish to play.

(this NPC you'll need to find yourself!)

Dexter Gray

X: 1007

Y: 7416

Dexter has the ability to transport you instantly to many places on the sector map - for a fee of course.

Eckard the Merchant

X: 1070

Y: 7200

Just sit and wait. Eckard will eventually come to you. He sells a variety of weapons, armor, and other items.

Gerard the Priest

X: 1057

Y: 7311


X: 1068

Y: 7321

Hartmut is a tailor who trades and crafts various kinds of armor.

Holger the Weaponsmith

X: 1043

Y: 7341

Holger trades and crafts weapons of all kinds.


- Horses allow for faster transportation around the world of Akarra (sold by Wynn). They come in 3 different colors: white, brown, and black.

Item Storage

X: 1067

Y: 7330

Konrad Shieldsense

X: 1268

Y: 6612

Marvin the Sneak & Humbletwig

X: 138

Y: 7111

Marvin is your friendly coin exchanger, always running you errands.

Nicholas the Elder

X: 1053

Y: 7329

Nicholas is the elder of Hope. Nicholas sells almost anything sold to him by the player community.

Oskar Weaponsage

X: 1080

Y: 7373

Rupert the Farmer

X: 1062

Y: 7386

The farmer of Hope sells fruits and vegetables.

Sinistra the Priestess

X: 1029

Y: 7349

Syke the Ranger

X: 886

Y: 7045

Just sit and wait. Syke will eventually come to you. Syke sells various items such as fur, etc.

Tom the Fisherman

X: 809

Y: 7530

Tom will take you to and from the island on Rimsin Lake for a price.

Tua & Fable

X: 923

Y: 7318


X: 1078

Y: 7288

Wynn sells horses for fast transportation.